About Me

As a photographer I think I have the eye of a designer. I studied Graphic Design at Art College in England. As an art student I began to take a serious interest in photography after visiting an exhibition of The Golden Age of Hollywood Portrait Photography at London’s V&A Museum. Completely knocked out by the inventive and stylised lighting of those old Hollywood master portrait photographers, I began to study the lighting in old Hollywood movies and any old movie stills I could get my hands on.

After finishing Art College I worked in advertising as an art director for a while in London before returning to Australia. I continued to art direct in Melbourne for a short time before heading up to Sydney where I worked in advertising agencies such as Magnus, Nankervis & Curl and Leo Burnett. And while I briefed photographers in my day job, I continued to follow my passion, taking photographs for myself in my spare time. Deciding to focus even more on photography, and with the belief that you can never stop learning, I completed a Diploma of Photography at Sydney Institute. 

Because of my design background I think I see photography in context. I am able to think conceptually and outside the square. I have an eye for detail and a good understanding of colour. I believe I have a unique way of looking at the world and that my sense of humour often shows in my work. I continue to explore various ongoing themes in my personal work and I believe I am continuing and will continue to broaden my horizons and evolve as a photographer.